At PlayPartyPackages we pride ourselves in providing you with valuable customer service.

We understand being a parent is very rewarding but can also be very overwhelming, especially at party time. After much experience and research, we wanted to create something that would appeal to parents and bring joy to children and their friends.

Our concept is an offer of original, affordable, exciting themed parties in the form of a complete package making it convenient and easy for you to become a party host without the hassle and dramas of a regular party. PlayPartyPackages is your one-stop-party-shop and could even bring out your inner child.

PlayPartyPackages provide everything you need in a themed party package, all you need to provide is the food and drink. One package ensures fun and enjoyment while learning to create. Your child’s party will be successful and full of memories for you and your little guests.

Within each Package, you will have everything from start to finish for that particular theme, including Invitations, Decor & Decorations – to provide a feel for the party, Games & Activities – what the party is all about and, Thankyou Goodie Bags for sharing your special day for each of your little guests and much more.

Within your PlayPartyPackage we also include a Party Information Sheet that will help guide you through the party plan and duration, in order to keep control of the party, gain other party ideas, ensure the party is well organized and runs smoothly as you become the “host” and most of all so the kids have lots of fun and enjoy themselves.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy and see value in our concept. We believe that every child can have a party that is lots of fun without costing the earth.